Why Floor Preparation Is Very Important

Have you ever seen concrete coatings peel? Have you ever wondered what causes this? This occurs because of concrete not being prepared properly. In order for decorative concrete coatings to be able to bond with the concrete, you have to consider the cleanliness of the surface. It should also be open and absorbent. When the floor coating doesn’t bond with the surface, it basically just cures and floats on it. And until something is dropped, it would crack or water would get underneath, causing it to come off very easily from the surface. A proper bond for coatings must be able to make it one with the concrete surface.

                                    Concrete coat peeling

The way we at Northwest Concrete Resurfacing ensures this bond with the coating and concrete is through the process of diamond grinding or shot blasting. Both of these floor preparation techniques removes any trace of paint, spills and glue.

Here’s a simple overview of our coating process:

Grinding or Shot Blasting. For all projects done by Northwest Concrete Resurfacing, we start with grinding or shot blasting the existing concrete surface to remove previously applied coatings, glue or spills. This is done while opening up the concrete’s top layer. This is very vital because even if you have a brand new concrete slab, it can reject coatings as the finish for the surface is too hard for the coating to properly soak in.

Major Concrete Repairs. Repairs towards all the major concrete concerns like heavy deterioration, ramps, coving or sloping issues are done and completed with the highest quality of repair and resurfacing products that would specifically cater to your needs.

Minor Concrete Repairs. We can also do these minor repairs to deterioration, pitting and small cracks using our epoxy crack fillers.

Concrete Cleaning. This is not your normal type of cleaning the concrete. This involves cleansing with the use of our industrial vacuums, and we also ensure that dust and debris are removed from the floor before we even begin coating.

Coating System. Depending on the coating system that our client will choose, we would start coating with a base coat of either epoxy or polyurea polyaspartic and continue with whatever kind of process is required.

Our Clients:

University of Washington
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