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Concrete is one of the most enduring materials for use in almost any construction project. It has proven itself to be reliable and versatile. In fact, it can be customized to resemble other more expensive surfaces such as natural stone and pavers. For those who prefer the natural look of the cement but with an extra sheen, polished concrete comes highly recommended.

The Wonders of Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete polishing is the process of sanding cement surface until it becomes smooth and shiny. Contractors use special concrete polishing tools and equipment to achieve a certain level of sheen, depending on customer preference. By choosing this option, you are sure to acquire a better look that is less expensive and easier to maintain.

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Maintaining Commercial and Residential Concrete Flooring

All floors may experience wear and tear if not properly maintained, especially in commercial areas where foot traffic is much worse. Although it does not really free you from having to apply proper care to it, the care it requires is way easier and simpler than what other floors would demand from you. It is important to remember that the more usage a surface is exposed to, the more frequent the maintenance routine required. Here is a simple guide to help you out:

  • Even with a topical sealer, a polished surface may lose its shine and clarity if not cleared of dirt and dust. A daily dust mop can remove accumulated particles on top of it and polish floors to its original shine. If you have an electric floor scrubber, make sure to use soft pads with it.
  • Wet mop cleaning is also ideal but this can be done in a less frequent manner. Just make sure that your mop is soft and non-abrasive to prevent unwanted scratches on the floor. You may use a cleaning product but nothing too harsh. Give it a few minutes to soften any dirt on the floor, but not too long that it dries, before mopping it clean.
  • When something spills on the floor, make sure to address it immediately. Concrete is quite porous and may absorb the liquid, thus, causing an unpleasant stain on its surface.

    Dependable Bellevue Polished Concrete Contractor

    A polished concrete floor is one of the best options being offered in Bellevue and its surrounding areas. We are confident that our professional staff is well-trained and experienced to know how to grind concrete and polish it to a dreamy sheen efficiently. Let’s discuss further, contact us today!

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