5 Steps in Pool Deck Resurfacing

After you learned about the importance of a desirable and well-maintained pool deck, you are now excited to resurface pool decks on your property.
Here are the essential steps involved in pool deck resurfacing:

1. Prepare your Pool Deck
2. Clean it!
3. Mix & Apply Overlay
4. Cure
5. Seal

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Essential Steps on How to Resurface Pool Decks: Five Things You Need to Know

Pool decks are part of the swimming pools surrounding the main pool basin. The decks allow a transition space from the exteriors to the pool interior. The decks are also essential in creating pool aesthetics.

1. Prepare the Concrete Pool Deck Surfaces

If you are going to give the pool deck a revamp, then the first step for you to do is to prepare the slabs.
Identify the area, its size, and its condition. Preparing outdoor concrete floors as the decks is the same as those done among the interior floors.

Preparing the concrete pool deck surfaces involves pressure washing to clear out the decks off the residue of old materials and even stubborn dirt and stains.

Then you may also need to grind and polish the concrete to make way for new materials to resurface the pool deck effectively. Preparation assures you that any materials, a resurfacing application, overlays, coloring, or sealers will adhere firmly.

2. Clean the Pool Deck!

After preparation, make sure that you clean the concrete surface once again. This is to make sure that the resurfacing area is clear of any debris or objects that obstruct applying the chosen resurfacing materials. There could also be items or tools you forgot to store away when conducting the floor prep. Make sure the surface is clean and clear.

3. Mix & Apply Overlay

The common application for pool deck resurfacing is concrete overlays, which allow for a convenient revamping method, and Overlays will enable you to reuse and repurpose old existing decks.
Mixing the overlay mix is crucial. This step ensures that the concrete overlay appears unified with the old ones, like nothing is done separately.

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4. Curing the Pool Deck

The second to the last step is curing. After that, the overlays are installed. Let it cure. Not just that, but allow the newly resurfaced concrete pool deck to heal correctly. Do not haste the curing process. More significant damage may come out if you expose the brand new pool decks to water and other impacts such as foot traffic. And that, you have to avoid.

5. Sealing the Pool Deck

Alas, you are down to the final essential step. That is sealing. It is always part of resurfacing pool decks to finish the surface with concrete sealers or pool decks coatings.

This last process enhances the features of the materials. What the coating compound does is that it covers and fills up tiny holes and thin gaps in a cementitious material, making the concrete slabs denser and tough. It seals durability that lasts a lifetime.

If you are interested in resurfacing your pool decks, you can contact your local decorative concrete contractor. They can help you in assessing the needs of your concrete pool decks.

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