Concrete Factors: When and Why to Refinish your Concrete Floors

Polishing and grinding are essential steps in keeping up with polished floors. So if you are thinking of floor refinishing Seattle, you better allow expert concrete floor contractors to tend to the wearing-out concrete floors.

First, consider the when and why of concrete floor refinishing.

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Two top things to consider if you want to refinish concrete floors

There are two main essential factors to consider when going for refinishing.

Think about the when. When do you need refinishing, and when do you NOT need it. It could be that a significant repair must take place?
Knowing exactly when you need refinishing versus when you do not need it would help you save costs. You do not need to feel frustrated when dealing with unnecessary repairs.

Remember that refinishing is less costly than other methods of concrete repair. With refinishing, you would only need to tend to the surface of the slab and concrete floor that has not yet acquired severe type of damage.

When to Refinish

Consider the following when you need to refinish the floors

  • Revive stained concrete flooring
  • Upgrade and update old worn out concrete surface
  • Slippery concrete surface
  • Discolored colored floor surface
  • Flaking or chipping surface

Now you may think that refinishing may be an unnecessary process. Why refinish when it only gives minor retouches to the floors? Well, there are several reasons why and it does not only include the outer layer of the concrete slabs.

Here are the reasons why.

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Why Refinish Concrete Floors?

Take a quick and close look at why you should refinish the concrete surfacings.

  • It gives long term protection to the contrete floor
  • Prolongs the materials’ lifespan
  • Prevent common cracks
  • It prevents harmful effects of moisture presence
  • Maintain the floor polished and seamless look
  • Polished floors enhance your properties aesthetics
  • Adds value to your properties by having fewer repaired floor materials
  • Keeps floors low maintenance


All other benefits would follow these two essential factors that make refining an integral part of concrete floor maintenance.

Keep the floors in their best shape. You will make sure your home and business spaces would be in perfect condition. Also, with the immediate application of refinishing, you would avoid the appearance of common signs of damage. Stay tuned for more blogs to learn more about why you need to refinish and its many perks.

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