Concrete Resurfacing: Before And After

Concrete resurfacing can let a structure work well and look appealing once again. But do you ever think what it is like before concrete gets a brand-new coating? And local companies, such as Northwest Concrete Resurfacing, can work such wonders to the material. In today’s piece, we will discuss the state concrete is in before and after it undergoes a concrete overlay procedure.

Explaining What Concrete Resurfacing Is

walkway resurfacing seattleConcrete resurfacing is a type of decorative resurfacing. The process gives pre-existing concrete a second shot at function and charm. Resurfacing offers an exquisite array of designs, textures, and patterns you can select for your project’s needs or requirements. Resurfacing is ideal for the following.

  • Repairing cracks and chipping
  • Handling discoloration problems
  • Getting rid of structural imperfections
  • Hiding drab concrete
  • Updating those outdated and worn-down concrete finishes

And you can perform resurfacing on these parts of your commercial or residential property.

  • Garages
  • Swimming pool decks
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Backyards
  • Halls
  • Indoor floorings
before after concrete resurfacing

Types Of Resurfacing

There are numerous kinds of resurfacing options out in the industry. And most of them you can do on your own. Here is a list of the more popular ones.

  •  Staining

Concrete staining is a resurfacing method that uses acid stains and water-based stains to achieve a specific look.

  • Stamping

Stamping allows you to replicate certain naturally-occurring elements that include stone, bricks, wood, and other things.

  • Stencils

Stencils pave the way with versatility for outdoor concrete. These designs are highly complicated, and at most times, cannot be done by hand.

  • Flakes

Flakes utilize colors and concrete aggregates that improve the durability and outlook of a surface. It is a resurfacing method best for garages and showcase rooms.

The Comparison

Before resurfacing

  • Concrete appears discolored and outdated with its tints and tones.
  • Problems such as spalling, crazing, and cracks are evident.
  • Uneven levels can be quite the hazard for individuals who walk on such surfaces.
  • Some surfaces may have spills and all sorts of stains on them. This manner makes the concrete unsightly, especially for guests.
  • Commercial concrete suffers more wear and tear than residential concrete. You can easily see the damage that foot traffic and weathering can do to such structures.
  • Driveway concrete can look diminished and distressed. And this aspect will leave a negative impression on visitors, and even on you.
  • Pool decks can suffer from weathering and lose their slip resistance.

After resurfacing

  • The imperfections on concrete are gone after resurfacing. The process does that, no matter what type of overlay you install on concrete.
  • Resurfacing can save pool decks from mossy issues and water getting into the concrete.
  • Resurfacing also assists in polishing concrete to give it a shine that makes it look brand-new.
  • Damages, such as cracks, holes, and chippings, are no longer visible.
  • Resurfacing gives new life to the commercial concrete and makes it withstand traffic a lot more.
  • Resurfaced concrete also adds value to the place.


One More Thing

These before and after scenarios can and will happen to concrete no matter what you do to it. And it is better to take some time to do research and find out if resurfacing is something you are willing to undertake. However, if you don’t want your hands to get messy, you can always get in touch with expert concrete contractors for concrete floor refinishing and other services. Yes, they charge a bit more for what they do. But you can guarantee that the results they deliver will make your concrete surfaces and flooring systems shine and stand out. What they can do for you is worth every penny you pay them for overall.

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