Steps on how to cover an old concrete patio

Spalling and cracks are the two common severe forms of concrete floor damages. Now the question many ask is, “how do I cover old concrete?” Is it possible? How about my outdoor concrete, such as the patio?

Today’s blog answers all your patio and outdoor concrete flooring woes. And today, learn more about an efficient solution, a patio finishes for existing concrete Seattle.

When spalling, peeling, and cracks start to show up on your outdoor flooring surfaces, there is no way you can restore the concrete’s prime beauty. What you can do is cover them up through patching, crack filling, and resurfacing. 

How can I make my old concrete patio look better?

Though you cannot restore or revive the concrete’s original form, you can still save the concrete flooring materials you got. You do not have to change the entire flooring. Here are steps you can follow to rescue your broken concrete. You can DIY concrete crack repair if you have the right tools and precise application of skills. 

But read first the steps below. You may find out that hiring a professional concrete repair contractor is more cost-saving for you.

  1. Assess your concrete patio’s condition.
  2. Prepare the materials and tools you need.
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As you check the repairs, your patio will need to make sure you got the following appropriate tools. 

  • Measuring tool for taking patio’s ar4ea size
  • Caulk gun
  • Chalk line
  • Concrete cleaner
  • Landscape fabric
  • Polyurethane construction adhesive
  1. Prepare the surface for a new coating.
  2. Apply or spray clear or polymer acrylic coating or a glossy sealer.
  3. Make sure the surface has a bond sealer to fix porous or loose cement slabs.
  4. Resurface the concrete patio
  5. Apply a seal coating or finish it with a protective layer of topical sealer.


Ideas to Cover Up an Old Concrete Patio

So what now are the ways and ideas to update your worn-out concrete patio? There are many available resurfacing methods to give the concrete floor a new look and feel. You can stain or paint it, apply a topical sealer, or pour a concrete overlay and add plants to the patio.

Try resurfacing your concrete floor with these ideas and discover ways to improve your backyard without spending too much.  Learn how each of them works, or ask a local resurfacing company near you. These different techniques will give a distinct look suitable for your property.

Stamping with Deck Overlays

Concrete overlays are done by pouring a new set of concrete on the surface of an old existing one. After you patch and fill the cracks on a damaged concrete surface, resurface the floor with stamping and overlays. Overlays mimic the look of natural patterns of slate, wood, brick, or stone.

Stained Concrete floors

Concrete staining is another practical resurfacing method. Staining uses the creases from the old concrete patio floor to be its new design. Just take its inspiration from the Japanese pottery “kintsugi.” Instead of throwing away the broken surfaces, why not refinish them with durable concrete resurfacing products.


To repolish an old patio flooring, you may use an epoxy patio sealer. The epoxy coating for outdoors is enhanced with acrylic and grout mix to make it stable when exposed to heat and sun rays. 


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