Why You Need to Seal your Garage Floors

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There is no other way to maintain the garage floors than to seal them effectively. Messy floors are now gone when you apply a garage sealer Seattle. Not all home and property owners choose to finish the floors with a final coating. A common setup among garage floors is bare concrete. Some go for a textured or a broom finish concrete.

Those are applications enough to provide slip-resistance on the surface. But to protect the surface, all in all, you need to apply an adhesive concrete sealer.

What is a Garage Floor Sealer?

Right now, have a quick review of what a garage floor sealer is. There are three popular options for sealing the floors among garages. These are:

  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylic

The common factors found among these are durability, slip resistance, and heat stability. It would be best to offer these functions to the floorings. So that the surface will remain polished and clean even after getting exposed to engine oils, heated tires, and sharp and greasy tools.

Now, discover the importance of why you need to apply sealer in your garage floors.

Five Important Reasons Why you Need to Seal Garage Floors

Do you think that adding sealcoating on the naturally messy floors is an unnecessary expense? You believe that, but reality will, later on, be surprised when you find out that severe damages are more costly to repair due to leaving the concrete garage bare. 

There are important reasons why sealing concrete garage surfaces is a must. There are five.

1. It protects against Frost.

Unlike your indoor floorings, garage floors may sometimes have a part of it extended outside. And also, garage areas will be the ones closest to the home’s exterior, making it more prone to the threats of winter frost. It’s like exterior floorings, patios, or driveways.

frost on floors

Frost makes concrete weak and brittle. Adding a sealer makes the pores of the slabs dense and compact, making them unresponsive to the extreme effects of harsh weather. 

2. It looks good!

When you leave bare concrete, a sealed surface will look polished and attractive. Say no more to dull grey concrete flooring. You may use a clear epoxy coating. That is enough to make stunning garage steps. Also, the coating helps you clean the floors easier. Making it sanitized and polished, looking at a bright and shining garage floor is pretty impressive.

3. Oil Stains can be avoided.

Also, an introspect of the previous reason is the next item. Oil stains will no longer be the garage’s permanent decor. It should never be the case. You can erase your oily and greasy nightmare inside the garage when you seal coat the surface of the floorings.

This is due to the process that filled every tiny hole and pores in cement. When these holes get sealed, the surface becomes an even unified block of dense material.

oil stain on garage floor

When a chemical or a liquid stain is spilled on the surface, the sealer will stop any residue entering through a pinhole gap. There will be no such a thing.

4. It removes moisture

Next is that the sealer will prevent and stop any moisture. Coating the cement surface prevents any vapor of any liquid, even mist from damp weather, from entering the slabs. It will also prevent any water or moisture from building up if solvent compounds are splashed or dropped on the surface.

5. Increases durability

Go back to all the items and reasons stated above. When you are sure to provide all types of protection, you sure have durable concrete flooring. No doubt. Aside from a polished and appealing look, the material becomes stronger than an ordinary concrete slab. It helps to extend the lifespan of the flooring material.

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