5 Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

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From the last post, you learned about the scenarios for having a basement waterproofing Seattle with its importance in having it at your home. Today’s article will now give you the perks you can get by applying waterproofing to the basement floor.

Check them out! Here’s a quick preview of the physical benefits of waterproofed floors and the perks you can get from it.

  • Prevention of structural damage
  • Less clean up and more minor damage
  • Protects Home’s Sump Pumps
  • Enhances energy efficiency
  • Cuts Property Insurance Claims Cost
  • Increase usable space

Let’s tackle each benefit and how they add value to your property.

Increase of Usable Space

Click some pages back and visit our last post on waterproofing the basement. You now found out that preventing moisture and water presence erases the presence of molds and other bacteria. 

Having no damaging entities to the underground space allows you to renovate it for other purposes. And now the perks of having a usable room is that you can offer it for rent to have an additional source of profit.

Or use it exclusively for purposeful activities like working from home or a private office or studio.

Cuts Property Insurance Cost

Insurance claims are one of the contributors to high-priced properties. You might successfully sell a home for a reasonable price. However, when it’s time for settling accounts and checking for insurance, you find out that insurance companies might go after you for unsettling damages that the new owner found.

Water damages in the basement are a major thief to your wealth. Most of the flooring damages caused by water leakage and basement flooding cause large cracks, or worse, it may become crumbling concrete.

These will soon make the slabs weak that eventually will expose the foundation and concrete rebars.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

What does waterproofing have to do with energy efficiency? Well, good thing you are reading until this item. Here’s how and why.

First, the number one energy-consuming appliance at home is the HVAC system. It has something to do with the home’s humidity. If you waterproof the basement floors effectively, it will enhance good air circulation. It helps reduce the room’s humidity, thus helping you save your AC energy.

contractor applying a water-based on the concrete

Protect the Sump Pump at Home

Although most homes would have a sump pump basin to collect water in the basement to prevent flooding, protecting this device saves you many costs. 

The pump is still made with electronics and filters that, if used too much, may cause it to require regular repair. Such a device is usually buried under the basement flooring. 

Now, think ahead if you got the floors protected from water and moisture build-up. You will get to save a lump of cash from always bringing the pump to maintenance.

Protects Flooring from Structural Damages

Now, what perks will you get if you successfully prevent structural damages? Of course, it means that you have to save costs for home repairs and improvements. 

Also, suppose you have to minimize the structural damages in the home’s foundation. In that case, it means that you can post your property up for resell and win a satisfied d client. So, invest in waterproofing your floors and reap the many benefits later on.

Waterproofing your basement holds a lot of perks. Just ask your local waterproof contractors and they would give you a quote along with its benefits.

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