Design Ideas for Polished Concrete

Concrete floors can be more beautiful even without adding any type of expensive materials like tile, carpets, or stone because it transforms the industrial look of cement into a reflective and smooth walking surface. Also, it provides room for further customization such as adding colors, designs, and patterns. If you are wondering what else can be done for polished concrete Seattle floors, here are some ideas you might want to consider:

Plain Polished Floors

polished concreteThe gray color of plain concrete is greatly admired by floor owners who are looking for more contemporary or industrial-like aesthetics.

There are many different types of sealers that can be applied on plain polished concrete. Floor owners can opt for matte sealers or those with high gloss shine.

Stained Polished Floors

polished concreteWhile plain polished floors look good on their own, there is the option of adding colors to make it look more in tune with its surroundings. One ideal way of coloring concrete is staining. A polished concrete floor is stained to give it that dramatic touch of color without being too intense. Acid stains are great to use if you want unique effects that can not be replicated. The chemical reaction process involved dramatically makes the floor look like natural stone at a more economical cost.

Dyed Polished Floors

polished concreteAnother medium for colored concrete, dyes create more vibrant colors than that of acid stains. This is great for use on floors that need to feature specific designs or patterns, such as flowers, logos, or any graphic design. Dyes are easier to work with because it is not chemical-based. The consistency of the colors are also more manageable.

Scored Polished Floors

polished concreteFor those interested in incorporating patterns on polished concrete floors, scoring or sawcutting is a good solution. Making use of specialized cutting tools, scoring is the process of cutting lines onto a concrete slab or overlay to create patterns similar to natural stone pavements, brick, or tile. Stains or dyes can also be applied afterwards if further customization is desired.

Engraved Polished Floors

polished concreteJust like scoring, the concrete slab or overlay is also cut. Engraving, however, is done for more intricate and personalized designs, like logos and shapes. Also, hand-held tools are used to make the design more impeccable. This type of polished floor option requires the expertise of a skilled artisan to ensure that the design is cut into the concrete accurately. It is also crucial to make sure that the cut will not cause new cracks to appear but instead, mask them and give working cracks extra room for movement.

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