Pro Tips: Adding Clear Topcoat to Make Epoxy Sealant Last Longer

A clear epoxy sealer protects the floor surfaces, adding tough coating layers to a concrete floor. And when heavy wear and tear occur, these top finishing on the floor can cease from the surface. That will soon cause slippery floor areas. 

It’s a good thing there are experts from Epoxy Sealant Seattle who can expertly reseal your floors with high-grade epoxy so that they will last long. Clear epoxies are practical choices for sealing and waterproofing the top surfaces of the floors.

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Tips for Adding Clear Epoxy Topcoat that Last

If you have a garage that is always at work and wants to extend the life of the garage floor coatings and sealant for protection and extreme function, here are pro tips for you to follow when applying a protective layer of topcoat to your garage floors.

Pro Tip #1: Find the Perfect Match

The perfect match! Finding one can surely make life easy. The same goes for your epoxy sealers. 

When choosing a clear topcoat for your epoxy sealant, ensure it’s compatible and recommended by the manufacturer. Different brands have recommendations, so check the labels or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Pro Tip #2: Prep the Surface

It is important to prepare the surface, even if you add a thin layer of top coating. Before applying the topcoat, give your epoxy sealant enough time to fully cure. 

Once cured, ensure your garage floor is clean, dry, and free from dirt or debris. You may also need to etch or sand the surface if the old epoxy coating has faded severely.

Pro Tip #3: Mix and Apply with Care

Mixing is key! Take your time to mix the topcoat according to the instructions thoroughly. This ensures a consistent finish. When it’s time to apply, grab a high-quality brush, roller, or sprayer and spread the topcoat evenly over the cured epoxy surface. 

Smooth and even strokes will help you avoid any streaks or pesky bubbles.

man mixing the epoxy coating

Pro Tip #4: Consider Multiple Coats

Want extra protection? Applying multiple coats of the clear topcoat can work wonders.

Remember to follow the recommended drying time between coats, as provided by the expert contractors at Epoxy Sealant Seattle.

Pro Tip #5: Give it Time to Cure

Patience is key! Once you’ve applied the clear topcoat, allow ample time to dry and harden fully. 

The curing time will vary depending on the specific product and environmental conditions. Hold off on heavy traffic or harsh treatment until the topcoat is completely cured.

Final Tip: Show Come TLC

Practice regular maintenance to keep your epoxy sealant and topcoat looking their best. Clean the surface periodically using gentle cleaning agents, and avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch or damage the topcoat. A little care goes a long way!

Adding a clear topcoat to your epoxy sealant provides extra protection against UV rays, abrasion, stains, and general wear and tear. Plus, it’ll give your garage floor that sleek and glossy finish we all love.

Remember, these pro tips will help you make the most of your garage epoxy coating and keep your surface looking spick and span. If you have any questions or need further advice, give us, your local epoxy experts, a shout!

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