Waterproofing Before it Gets Worse: Must-Haves to Patch Concrete Floor Leaks

Seeing a pool of water on the surface gets you into a panic. You know what this is! It’s a sign that you need to call the help of expert concrete floor contractors teams and search for concrete repair near me. It’s water leaking to the surface. Often this is a common scenario among moist places like the basement, outdoor water deck flooring, and garage. 

While it is good to call on experts, you can give the flooring surface with water leaks a faster solution. 

You can patch it yourself if water is coming from underneath because of floor cracks. Or if water is leaking from pipes, you need to fix the source and add waterproof outdoor flooring deck coatings Seattle, such as sealers or patching compound over the concrete surface. This blog will give you the essentials when you need to give quick patching and sealing on the water-sensitive surface.

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Waterproofing Essential: Concrete Floor Patch and Sealing Must-Haves

So you need some tools. While waiting for the experts to come and give the problem a permanent fix, you can give it a temporary band-aid to prevent it from worsening.

What To Do When Waterproofing?

What you need to do is apply waterproof deck coatings Seattle. There are various types of waterproof deck flooring. The common ones include:

  1. Urethane Coatings
  2. Epoxy Coatings
  3. Acrylic-based coatings

These three are the main types of waterproof coating materials that you need. Each has a specific feature that can complement your specific needs. 

Having your local professional concrete resurfacing contractors guide you in choosing the right material and coating is best.

After this, you need to know the tools you need to have. Once your concrete coatings are available, you have the option to apply a temporary patch or filling to minimize the effect of water damage or leaks.

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Tools that You at Least Have at Home

Now that you got the tools, what are now to do? At least have some of the tools essential for waterproofing the decks. You cannot delay waiting for the team to arrive. You can apply a permanent aid to the leaking surface to prevent worsening the condition.
Here’s what you need to have:

1 - Trowel and Other Application Tools

The ever-reliable trowel, of course, you’ve got to have this. You can use this mainly for applying and preparing the coating, especially if you are cursing concrete coatings or a thin film of cement to patch a tin, shallow crack.
Also, consider getting a hold of some of the other application tools:

  • Paint or roller brush for concrete
  • Tray or bucket for epoxy
  • Paint stirrer or mixing paddle
  • Extension poles

2 - Protective Apparatus

You need to have gear, gloves, and other accessories for protection, especially when you are using harsh chemicals.
You got urethane and epoxy in the list above, and using these needs the utmost care and protection.

3 - Cleaning Tools

Before you jump into the action of applying the various waterproofing, you need to clean the area first. So you need cleaning tools.
These tools are the basic ad the most essential. It is because it is most needed for the most crucial part of waterproofing the decks, which is surface preparation.
For the deck needs waterproofing, you MUST HAVE these basic tools:

  • Sandpaper
  • Putty knife
  • Brush
  • Water hose
  • Pressure washer nozzle
  • Sanding block

Before you apply waterproof sealants, you must first clean the surface free of any residue from the old flooring or finishing materials.

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