Types of Pool Deck Surfaces: A Pool of Choices

Search for various types of pool deck surfaces. It will lead you to many results from your online sources and local pool deck Seattle companies. You will find one that specifically meets your requirements. Or, uncover the concrete floors Seattle that you can combine with other finishes to fit every need you have for the swimming pools.

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Pool Deck Options with Concrete and Other Types of Surfaces

When looking for the best type of pool decking surface, many materials will claim the best. Know from the list below the essential things to look at when searching for your pool deck coatings and finishings.

  • Slip-resistance

Every swimming pool deck must have good traction. Whatever material you use, all of them will have slippery surfaces once water touches them. Ou an improve or enhance the non-slip properties of the pool decks by adding pool deck sealers that will improve their texture and traction

  • Cooling Deck

Adding sealers onto the pool deck surface will not only make it slip-free. Pool decks coating also functions as a heat reflector, especially from outdoor concrete floorings. 

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

Pool deck sealers’ also make the concrete pool deck’s surface easy to maintain. The glossy surfaces do not only have to look good. It should also sustain that type of aesthetics by preventing stains and other damages from getting on it.

That will only be possible by enhancing the surface with a smooth, dense coating like an epoxy floor coating for pool decks. It makes the surface repel any form of tiny particles as soil residue, muds, and food stains will not get stuck on the surface for a long time.

The list of features above shows the different pool decking options, including concrete, wood, and more.

Pool decking coatings and Other Finishings

Decorative Concrete Pools

Under decorative concrete, you will find here classic stamped concrete, stained pool deck, textured and polished concrete.

1. Textured Concrete

The concrete surface with various types of textures works both as the decking material and a finishing option. The textures appear using multiple techniques like etching, stencil, and spray coating. A spray texture is more about a finishing which will be explained later.

2. Stamped Concrete

Concrete Stamping is a popular and practical choice for pool decks and most types of outdoor concrete. Stamps made of rubber mats are used to imprint the patterns on freshly poured concrete. 

Classic stamped concrete designs include wood, brick, paver clay stones, and slate. These are the ones suitable for pool decks. Stamped concrete is efficient to use. You can apply it over a previously editing slab without thawing to throw them away.

stamped concrete pool deck seattle

3. Colored Concrete

Concrete coloring is like stamping. If the stamped concrete gets its designs from pressing a stamp on the wet concrete, coloring by way of staining mixes in pigments will penetrate the floor’s deepest layers.

The colors produce effects that make the concrete decks look as if they are marbles or cloudy floors.

Pool Deck Coatings and Finishings

1. Sary Knockdown Finish

The Knock finish or also called knockdown spray finish is also a type of textured concrete. It uses spray coating with epoxy and acrylic components. The combination of the two compounds makes the surface of the pool decks repel the heat from the sun.

The knockdown texture is achieved using a trowel that presses or knocks down the spray coating making a splatter pattern. 

That texture enhances the non-skid features of the decks. It also prevents the decks from absorbing heat on a large surface area.

Cream colored concrete pool deck

2. Rock-salt finish

Another way to add texture and slip resistance is by adding rock salt over the concrete surface. The result reveals a grainy texture. The rock salt must be coarse rather than refined. Rough textures give the surface an abrasive touch so that no other smooth object of footings will slip over it.

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